Admission Rules

<p>1. ఈ ITI లో అడ్మిషన్ పొందిన వారు ప్రతి రోజు హాజరు    కావలెను. స్కూల్స్,కాలేజిల మాదిరిగ సెలవులు వుండవు.
 <p>2.  ప్రతి సమామాచారము వెబ్ సైట్  ద్వారా తెలుసుకోవచ్చును.
 <p>3.  Semester పరీక్షలు జనవరి మరియు జూలై నెలలో నిర్వహించభడును.
 <p>4.  ITI fees and Examination fees సకాలములో చెల్లించవలెను.లేని యడల పరీక్షలకు అనుమతించబడరు.  <p>5.  Records ప్రతి వారం తణికి చేయబడును.
 <p>6.  uniform తప్పని సరిగ దరించవలెను.       
  <p>7.    10 నిమిషములు ముందుగానే ITIకి హాజరు కావలెను.
 <p>8.   Mobile phones క్లాసునందు అనుమతించబడవు.      
 <p> 9.      క్రమశిక్షణతో మెలగవలెను.
 <p>10.    80 శాతము హాజరు లేని యడల పరీక్షలకు అనుమతించబడరు.  <p>11.semester విదానములో పరీక్షలు నిర్వహించబడును. మొదటి semester తప్పిన లేదా absent అయిన రెండవ semester రాసేఅవకాశముండదు.                                      
 <p>12.   ప్రతి ఒక్కరు email ID కల్గివుండవలెను.
 <p>13.   ప్రతి నెల online ద్వారా పరీక్ష నిర్వహించబడును.       
  <p>14    Placement కల్పించబడును.
 <p>15. Bio metric machine ద్వారా attendance తీసుకోబడును.
 <p>16.Application చేసుకున్నప్రతిఒక్కరికి admission గ్యారంటిలేదు.
 <p>17.Convener ద్వారా మాత్రమే admission జరుగును. counciling కు తప్పని సరిగ హాజరు కావలెను. Intrerview cards చేరకపోయిన లేద miss అయిన అందుకు కాలేజియాజమాన్యం ఎటువంటి బాద్యత వహించదు <p>. 18.అర్హత కల్గిన అభ్యర్థులకు ఉపకారవేతనము(schlorships) కలదు.  <p>19.ఒక్కసారి అడ్మిషన్ పొందిన అభ్యర్థి మద్య్లలో ఏపరిస్థితులలో మానుకొన్న యడల (కూడ) పూర్థి ఫీజు చెల్లిస్తేనే వారి యొక్క సర్టిపికెట్సు యివ్వబడును.
 <p>20.అనుభవమున్న వారితో మాత్రమే శిక్షణ భోదన యిప్పించబడుతున్నది.
 <p>Rules of General Discipline, Conduct and Behavior 
  1. Character building is the main aim of education and the College lays great emphasis on good character and decent behavior from every student.
  2.  <p>All students should be properly and neatly dressed with prescribed college uniform on all working days except Wednesdays. On Wednesdays color dress other than T-Shits & Jeans can be used. Those who intentionally violate this rule shall not be permitted to attend the classes and will have to leave the campus.
  3.  <p>The behavior of the students, both within and outside the college campus should be decent and befitting to a professional institution.
 <p>Any student,
  •   who is persistently insubordinate to teachers or staff.
  •  <p>who is habitually irregular in attendance or inattentive to his work in the classes.
  •  <p>who is repeatedly or willfully mischievous or obscene in words or act.
  •  <p>who is guilty of fraud or malpractices at examinations.
  •  <p>who indulges in movements which may lead to communal ill feelings or enmity will be liable to be punished with fine, suspension, loss of attendance, refusal of promotion to higher semester or even expulsion from the College as per the decision of the College council.
  1.  <p>Students should attend classes, submit assignments, records, home work etc. in time. Students coming late shall enter the class only with the permission of the teacher. Late comers will not get attendance for the period. No student shall leave the class before the class is dispersed by the teacher handling the class.
  2.  <p>Students shall move silently when proceeding from one class to another so as not to disturb other classes.
  3.  <p>Permission from the Senior advisor is to be obtained by the student while leaving the college campus before the end of the classes.
  4.  <p>Students who happen to have no classes are not allowed to loiter in the veranda during class hours, instead they should remain quite inside the class rooms or in the library.
  5.  <p>Students are prohibited from organizing or attending meeting in the College, distributing notices or collecting money for any purpose without the permission of the Principal.
  6.  <p>Instant agitation arising in the campus disturbing the regular class work in the college are banned. Disturbing any class work in the campus come under the purview of Ragging and those involved in such activities are liable for severe punishment.
  7.  <p>The college properties should be handled with maximum care and everything possible should be done to preserve the cleanliness and tidiness of the building, furniture, library books and the premises.
  8.  <p>Based on the directions of the Government of Kerala, use of mobile phone and similar electronic gadgets include the college campus is restricted. Mobile phones are to be switched off, when in the campus. However, it can be used during lunch intervals. Mobile phone with camera is strictly prohibited. If any one is found violating this rule , the phone will be confiscated and the same will be returned only after the completion of the course.
  9.  <p>Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited in the college according to the directions of the Government of India. Penalty measures to those found guilty of ragging will begin with immediate expulsion from the College followed by criminal procedures as per the law.
  10.  <p>The class tests, series tests and model examinations are to be attended by all the students with sufficient preparation. Re-tests will not be conducted normally.
  11.  <p>Students must work quietly while in the library or spend time in such a way as not to cause any interference with the work of others.
  12.  <p>Students must park their vehicles only in the places specified for the same, and should not use the vehicles inside the campus beyond the parking areas.
  13.  <p>Under any circumstances, no student or staff or outsider s permitted to meet a faculty member while he is engaging classes or on invigilation work.
  14.  <p>Students are expected to see the College Notice Board everyday.
  15.  <p>Students should always possess their identity cards with them and display the same using the card holder and tag provided.